31 January 2007

SA not happy about water plans

In today's Australian , and perhaps other media which I didn't see, the SA government paid for a quarter page advertisement in the form of a letter from Premier Rann to Prime Minister Howard asking for a more collaborative approach between the federal and state governments over the Murray-Darling. The SA government is naturally concerned at the suddenness of the proposed takeover and the implications for South Australia.

Unfortunately the advertisement/ letter is not on Mr Rann's website as I post, which makes me wonder how competent his advisers are, nor does it appear to be anywhere else online.

ABC online has several references to the matter, the first a news item about the letter to the PM, the second a transcript from this afternoon's World Today and the third a later item Rann vows to maintain Murray-Darling fight, which includes a link to Federal Water Minister Turnbull's none too favourable comments about the Premier's request.

This is a very important matter for South Australia and South Australians and I support the Premier in his stand. If nobody resists the risk of the state being at best seriously disadvantaged and at worst damaged beyond repair increases markedly.

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