22 January 2007

Kennett adds another Liberal voice in support of bringing Hicks back

The Age reports that former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett has added his voice to those calling for a swift resolution to the David Hicks affair. The print edition also claims that Senator Marise Payne (Liberal NSW) has also reiterated her concerns about delays in bringing the case before a court.

Another story posted at smh.com.au suggests that there may be some flaws in the case against Hicks, as two of the US embassies he was alleged to have staked out were apparently abandoned at the time he was supposed to have done the staking )or staking out).

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Noel said...

Having disagreed with Jeff on oh so many issues over the years, I am reluctant to get too excited by his recent utterances. Nevertheless, my best effort would be to say that at last, he sees sense.