19 January 2007

"Bushwalkers forced to evacuate" in Tasmania...notes on the weather

When I first saw this headline on theNews.com.au website
I thought that it probably referred to a typically authoritarian Greens directive about preserving the environment. I was wrong: the full text of the News story, corroborated bythe ABC , makes it clear that the subject is bushfires in Tasmania, not a proposal to implement Baden Powell's advice.

Since there's been a ring of fire around southern Australia for the last month or more this is hardly news, but it reminds me of when I visited Cradle Mountain in January several years ago. The peaks were covered in snow, but I don't recall hearing that the Overland Track was closed then .

Oh, and as I post it's raining in Adelaide. The long arm of the Top End monsoon, with its combination of preciptiation and humidity, has reached down here. Such is the Australian climate.

PS Today'sAustralian has a good story (and an even better photo which may not be online) illustrating the effects of the south-central Australian monsoon. On a slight tangent this piece by Nicholas Rothwell isn't monsoon-related but worth a look anyway to show that the paper does give a good run to the centre (even though the paper doesn't arrive there until - air schedules permitting - the middle of the day and costs twice as much as it does in the big smokes).

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