27 January 2007

How young can a bridesmaid be?

The Sun reports on the forthcoming nuptials between Steven Gerrard a (the?) Liverpool soccer player and Alex Curran (a woman if you don't already know), which are planned for later this year. The Sun seems to have had its nose put out of joint because the couple have signed over their wedding photos in a million pound deal with "a downmarket glossy mag", so provides a less than flattering description of the bride to be "[s]he has ditched her long hair extensions and toned down the orange permatan she once sported in favour of a much more sophisticated image".

Having fired this shot off the paper informs us that " [h]er two daughters by the Liverpool star — Lily Ella, two, and nine-month-old Lexie — are expected to be bridesmaids."

Hang on, is there a minimum age for bridesmaids? If Wikipedia (see link above) is correct that Lexie was born on 9 May 2006, this makes her eight, not nine, months old now. She will therefore be only 12 or 13 months old when the wedding takes place. Will she be able to accompany her mother down the aisle or will she have to be wheeled in a push chair? The full details of the ceremony have yet to be confirmed, and probably won't be, given the money that's changing hands for the photos, but I wonder how healthy it is for one year old children to be subjected to the kind of treatment which the DmGM (downmarket glossy mag) has in mind for her?

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