16 January 2007

Jaywalkers look out... and hang on to your peppermints

The story about British Professor Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, who was allegedly overpowered by five US police officers, handcuffed and charged with jaywalking, has been widely reported in the world media. Apparently even his peppermints were confiscated.

BBC report has a range of reader comments from around the world which reveal both the diversity of laws against (and, in a few instances, for)
jaywalking and mixed views about their efficacy and desirability.

The Professor has struck back with an article in the Times and a YouTube video (which you can access via this link).

The Atlanta police have not remained silent, as a copy of the police report of the incident has, as such things are apt to do nowadays, made its way onto the web.

While I may not always be strict in my observance of the laws relating to pedestrians (whatever they may be), a friend of mine is an inveterate jaywalker. I'll bring this story to his notice in the hope that he'll reflect upon his own behaviour (and its effect upon others who walk with him).

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