22 January 2007

Ascending Mt Lofty

Yesterday, when the temperature reached 18 or so, was too cool and wet to walk but today, which was sunny with only light winds and a 24 degree max on the plains, was much more suitable for my first ascent of Mt Lofty this year.

Having previously posted about the floods of November 2005in the area, I was keen to see if there had been anything like another 1-in-200 year "event", as the authorities had deemed the 2005 surge.

There hadn't. I may have been a day too late but there was little evidence of First Creek having been in spate, and none of any damage to the homes on Waterfall Gully Road (though I noticed that several of them are on the market) or in Cleland Conservation Park itself.

My ascent was a little slower than usual, as I hadn't done it for a couple of months and was not as fit as I'd imagined wished I was , as I needed to take several mini- and micro-breaks en route. I should be able to do Waterfall Gully - Mt Lofty in about an hour: 63 minutes today told me that I need to do some work on my fitness. Getting older is not sufficient excuse.

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