31 March 2006

Intergenerational tensions

Today's ABC RN Life Matters talkback segment was called "Move over babyboomers, you've had your turn!". As often happens on RN "talkback" programs the guests (listed below) did much of the talking, which on this occasion wasn't necessarily a bad thing, as they had some interesting and provocative points to make. The program is available for downloading via its website. Here is the summary:

If you're a person born before 1961, and after the war, in other words a baby boomer, then today's program pushed your buttons.

Our guest Ryan Heath is 25 and he wants you baby boomers to get out of the way. Put bluntly Ryan says 'Please just F* off it's our turn now'... that's his phrase - the title of his book which is currently ruffling feathers, even in his own age group.

Ryan Heath is a 25 year old Australian now working in the civil service in London.

Aside from his views on generational difference, Ryan Heath also makes a case for re-engagement with politics and what he calls 'glue' issues of affordable housing, the environment and investment in children.

What do you think of Ryan's views?

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Lisa Pryor
Journalist and Sydney Morning Herald Saturday columnist

Ryan Heath
London based civil servant, writer and former student activist and political staffer

David Dale
Tribal Mind columnist, writer and social observer

I wonder whether the post-boomers (or whatever they're called) will follow Mr Heath's suggestion and turn against the oldies. In his diaries Mark Latham (15 October 2004 at p348) mentions a young man in a campaign focus group who objected to the prospect of his grandmother getting into hospital ahead of him. I'll keep looking over my shoulder!

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