21 December 2007

Varieties of Australian justice #2

Two developments today: a federal magistrate has, as widely expected placed David Hicks under a control order, and the full bench of the Federal Court has allowed Dr Haneef's appeal against the cancellation of his visa by former Immigration Minister Andrews.

The Hicks case was based upon evidence from his pre-Guantanamo Bay detention, which raises the question of whether anyone accused of terrorism, or convicted by however shonky a tribunal, can ever clear their name.

I find it hard to believe that the conditions, eg reporting to the police three times a week, only having one email account (!) and a midnight to dawn curfew will remain in force for too long (perhaps for the one year duration of this control order). If they do then I'd expect to see more recent evidence tendered showing that the leopard of 2000 has not changed his spots despite the time he spent in detention.

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