25 December 2007

Christmas greetings

Happy Christmas (or, if you prefer, compliments of the season) to everyone.

Some thoughts about the day. First, from Tony Woodlief in The Wall Street Journal:

My family is facing a holiday dilemma, which is how to disentangle ourselves from dysfunctional traditions. Like those of many young families we know, our traditions entail juggling schedules to make relatives happy, administering long greeting-card lists, buying trinkets for co-workers and neighbors, and wondering whether hell might not be housed in a shopping mall, replete with Muzak Christmas ditties and endless viewings of "The Santa Clause 3." Something is dreadfully wrong.

Second, some very welcome advice (at least for me) from Boing Boing about how to wrap presents.

Read on if you wish, but if you don't, the first rule is worth bearing in mind: remove the price tags from your gifts before you wrap them!

Enjoy the day.

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