13 December 2007

A month on, and another accident at same crossing

Less than a month after a fatal accident at a level crossing north of Adelaide comes news of another accident at the same level crossing.

This time the train involved was the Indian Pacific and the vehicle a truck or semi-trailer (whose cabin looked pretty mangled on tonight's ABC TV News). Fortunately nobody appears to have died, though the truck driver is reported to be in a serious condition.

The crossing is on what appears to be at least a moderately busy road, albeit one which is not protected by lights or boom gates. The ABC News report (see link above) says: "A risk assessment was carried out on the crossing last year but it was not listed as a priority for further action."

I reiterate what I said last month: this railway line is the main one into Adelaide from the north, and hence one which carries (I'd think) at least a half a dozen trains in each direction each day. Crossings elsewhere in Australia generally have at least warning lights: see my 2006 photo of the intersection of the Alice Springs- Darwin line with the Buchanan Highway on this post, which reminds me that it's a year to the day since another major rail accident occurred.

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