23 April 2007

Up to the mountain

The weather has become milder lately, so today, for the first time in several months, I climbed Mt Lofty, on whose summit it was as usual appreciably cooler (14.6 deg max) than on the plains (22.6 deg max) . To my surprise I did the climb from Waterfall Gully in what I consider a reasonable time (just under an hour). I'm getting accustomed to younger and/or fitter people striding past me, but I just keep plodding on and watch them gain more ground on me, stopping briefly when I feel the need. My only competition is with myself.

The photos here were taken at the summit and show me (with residual perspiration from the climb visible on my shirt), a bandicoot which had been foraging in the open air eating area (but photographed in the adjoining bush), and the Cleland Park authorities' "controlled
burning" (which the man who took the picture of me aptly described as "an oxymoron")


Miss Eagle said...

Nice to see a face. Did you cast a short shadow?

Shortshadow said...

I normally cast a short metaphorical shadow: on this occasion the sun was low in the west and behind clouds so I doubt whether I cast any shadow at all.