25 April 2007

Les Murray

When I hear the name Les Murray I normally think of the Australian poet, not the soccer commentator of the same name. But this post is about the second of the pair, who has been reading his autobiography "By The Balls" on ABC RN.

Despite our differences over the correct way to describe the round ball game (which he for years also called "soccer" before changing to "football" or "the world game") I've been following his story with considerable interest. You can only hear it by listening every day at 10.45 am, though you if you're interested in soccer/football or the experiences of post WW2 migrants to Australia you'd probably find the book worth reading.


Miss Eagle said...

I am entranced and engaged by Les Murray's reading and writing. I have only heard it intermittently but love it. I particularly was drawn into the story of the 1960 European Cup final in Scotland. A marvellous piece of writing - and he was honest. This was the last beautiful game - after that came greed.

Shortshadow said...

Almost all sport nowadays has been tainted, if not corrupted by, greed. Many professional sportspeople seem to want to gain the world without caring whether they lose their souls in the process. On the playing field they demonstrate a high level of skill, but off it many do more or less as they please. To judge from his reading Les M seems to be able to detach himself from a lot of the celebrity stuff that invariably accompanies top level sport these days.He does keep his eye on the ball.