28 April 2007

Recollections of 1988

Today I had my hair cut. While I was waiting I leafed through a
National Geographic from 1988 and found these pictures, which I photographed with my (normally) trusty Olympus. One member of the 11 year old dancing couple has moved up in the world since then. Can you guess who?

The bloodstained worker was (maybe still is) a union member. The caption says that 57% of the workforce was unionised at the time. Things change.

Another picture, which I didn't photograph showed a band named Midnight Oil in what looked like a very remote location. Their lead singer, whose name escapes me for the moment, was also in the picture. Can you recall his name?

I wonder where they are all are now.

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Miss Eagle said...

I give up on the first two. Can you tell the answer?