18 September 2006

Relative work value changes

Andrew Leigh reports the results of a study carried out by a former WA Assistant Director General of Education which shows how the relativities between WA backbenchers' and teachers' salaries changed from 1973 to 2003.

In 1973 a backbencher's base salary was $10,000 whereas that of a four year trained teacher at the top of the scale was $8,150, ie the backbencher earned 123% of the teacher's salary.

By 2003 the respective amounts were $106,000 and $56,126: the backbencher now earned 189% of the teacher's salary!

It would be interesting to see similar comparisons with other occupations, though not limited to predominantly public sector ones such as nursing and police.

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Noel said...

At some stage state members and federal members were awarded the same rate of pay. I suspect that the various allowances will make the teacher look even poorer.

The parliamentary base salary is $118,950 per year, effective from 1 July 2006.