11 September 2006

Five years on

Almost every western media commentator has had, it seems, something to say about the fifth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centre. I don't have their analytical ability but, as I did visit the site earlier this year and took the photos above, I will post my one cent's worth .

Two pictures are of the site itself; the other two are of an adjacent churchyard dating from the 18th century (Ground Zero can be seen in the background of one of them) which was largely unscathed except for a tree uprooted by the blast.

When I was there I paused to reflect upon the destruction and the loss of life. I have never been in a place where so many innocent - and, despite what others may say, they were innocent - people have died at one time as a consequence of the actions of other humans. I know that there have been many other "occasions" (an unsatisfactory term, but I can't think of a more appropriate one just now) where there has been greater loss of life, but I will always remember my visit to Ground Zero and hope, though am too cynical to expect, that there will never again be deaths on this scale.

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