07 September 2006

Colin Thiele

Colin Thiele died on the same day as Steve Irwin and thus his life has not been commemorated to the extent that many, particularly we South Australians, might have expected.

I'm not in any way belittling Steve Irwin, but I knew Colin Thiele. Many years ago I was a student at the teachers college where he was a lecturer and was impressed not only by his ability to evoke South Australian life and landscapes in his writings but also by his willingness to give his time to encourage others to read, and not just his books.

His passing is sad, but his substantial body of work will remain, as will the fond memories of people such as me, those who have sent letters to The Advertiser, and many more whose minds have been stimulated and enriched by reading his books.

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rainbowpitta said...

Thank you for your post about Colin Thiele. I checked with my librarian partner and he did know but had not mentioned it to me. His contribution to Australia is substantial and I think it sad that a more showy an perhpas more dubious contribution is made more fuss of in the press,