05 April 2006

Support for ABC

This week's New Matilda includes two items about the ABC. The first is an editorial by Jose Borghino "Slagging the ABC" includes a letter to Minister Coonan from Quentin Dempster, candidate for the apparently-about-to-be-cancelled election for a staff elected director. QD goes for the Minister with all guns blazing, and in a manner which at times is self-serving (see the last para for example).

Borghino has the final, apt, word:
"It smells to me like the Culture Wars have just found another battlefield. "

The second, by Tony Moore (commissioning editor of Pluto Press) "Election for all ABC Board members"comes out of left field flying a kite recommending that all ABC Board members, and other Commonwealth statutory authority board members as well, should be elected.

A good idea? Well, yes, but how practicable is it? I think that the Great Australian apathy would operate to defeat whatever idealistic motives Tony has in mind. In my experience most Australians don't care much about exercising their democratic rights: leave federal and state elections alone and look at the turnout in local council polls. Even in the corporate world how many shareholders actually go to AGMs etc?

Worthy thoughts,Tony, but can you break them down into some more easily digestible chunks?

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