25 April 2006

Anzac Day

As usual on Anzac Day, the print media produced several pieces attempting to define what Anzac Day might (not does or should)mean to us now. One of the better ones was in in The Australian where Peter Ryan recounted a story from his war service which, when as he recollected it in relative tranquillity, produced a very different view of the fighting in New Guinea.

From the general point

The central meaning of Anzac Day is commemoration of the service and sacrifice of our warriors over several generations. This is a solemn rite, a time for hushed voices and private thoughts. The Returned and Services League rightly insists that the march be decorous and respectful. But to discourage the participation of veterans' descendants simply guarantees Anzac Day will fade away, and sooner rather than later.

he moves to a description of a specific incident which took place on or near Anzac Day 1943, which I invite you to read for yourself.

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Miss Eagle said...

An extraordinary story, says Miss Eagle wiping away the tears. Quite inspirational - and a counterbalance to so many other reports about the Japanese.