05 April 2006

Fisk and Klemperer

Once again Robert Fisk has produced another very good article
"A lesson from the Holocaust for us all" in which he uses the Victor Klemperer diaries I Shall Bear Witness (covering 1933- 1942) and To The Bitter End (1942-45) as a launching platform to rebut Iranian holocaust denial.

I've also read the diaries so understand where Fisk is coming from, especially his emphatically expressed view that there is no basis for denying the holocaust of European Jews initiated by the Third Reich (but actively supported by many non-Germans). He goes beyond this and shows that Klemperer, who
with his wife maintained an almost unbelievable stoicism in the face of gradually increasing persecution and humiliation, was still able to express sympathy for the Palestinians and opposition to Zionism. My summary is inadequate: read the article for yourself. If that leads you to read the Klemperer Diaries, so much the better.

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