12 May 2007

National Party material?

This week I've spent a couple of days as an extra on McLeod's Daughters . I enjoyed it immensely, which isn't surprising given my interest in films.

The picture shows me in costume. I was only a rank and file extra, the type whose days are probably numbered as digital technology removes the need for casts of hundreds, and I didn't have a speaking part, but my stature (physical, not artistic) may have ensured that I was, if not head and shoulders, at least head above most of the other extras in the crowd scenes.

While the photo might suggest that I'd be a suitable National Party candidate I've decided not to seek pre-selection. I may look the part, but I don't feel it.

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Miss Eagle said...

Well, to say Miss Eagle is green with envy is an understatement. One of my yet unfulfilled ambitions is to work on a film set. I'd be happy to be the tea-lady but if the role of Continuity Girl still exists that would be good. Congrats. Now I don't watch McLeod's Daughters but if you happen to know ahead of time when your episode is on, I will watch and look for the bloke who is a head - if not head and shoulders - above the rest.