01 May 2007

May Day memories

Today is is the first anniversary of the longest day of my life where I travelled from Adelaide, leaving at 0630/ 6.30 am local time, to New York, where I arrived at 1720/5.20pm NY time.

Here are two photos: one, of the Rockies (I presume), taken not long after leaving LAX en route to JFK, the other, taken the next day from the Empire State Building, showing a sliver of Manhattan Island with the Statute of Liberty in the background.

In the State Library today I looked briefly at Ilf and Petrov's Road Trip
, a book by two Russian writers who travelled in the USA in 1935.I noted this comment about NYC : "there were too many impressions for the first day . You can't take New York in such large doses".

I didn't quite feel like this, but three days wasn't enough. I hope to return for a repeat dose or two.

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