13 May 2007

An intended consequence?

The Age reports that Major Michael Mori has been overlooked for promotion in the legal branch of the US Marine Corps. This is hardly surprising.

On other David Hicks-related matters Adelaide Now aka The Advertiser online reports that Hicks is likely to be returned in the next week to ten days to serve the rest of his sentence in Yatala prison. His Australian lawyer, David McLeod, left today for Guantanamo Bay to participate in this process. As he left, he delivered a serve to the state government, warning it against political interference:

...Mr McLeod said the debate over whether Hicks should be subject to a control order was not a political issue.

"It's up to the Commissioner of Federal Police to determine issues such as control orders, whether they should be obtained, and there shouldn't be any political influence in that decision," he said. "If there is, we'd have something to say about it."

At the moment I'm reading Leigh Sales' book Detainee 002: the case of David Hicks. For a review of it see here. I'll post my own comments when I've finished it.

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