23 July 2006

Where the.....are you?

The Weekend Australian Magazine has announced the winners of the "Wish You Were Here" photographic competition which it has been running in conjunction with Tourism Australia.

The photos of the winners and finalists can be seen here.

The winner of the Outback category was a photo taken in Port Neill, South Australia. The paper has published the four winning entries together with a caption and location map for each. The map purporting to show Port Neill's location is almost unbelievably erroneous. First, South Australia is confused with Victoria, then Port Neill is placed at the head of Port Phillip Bay (ie where Melbourne is), with Port Lincoln located in the vicinity of Geelong, and Adelaide marked as a south eastern suburb of Melbourne/ Port Neill.

Fortunately the map doesn't appear on The Australian or Tourism Australia's websites. In case you can't get hold of a copy of the paper to check that I'm not pulling your leg, I've taken a snapshot of p27 showing the map and caption.

I wonder whether, and if so from whom and when, we will see a correction. The photographer has, like the other three winners, won a luxury holiday and a new camera, but deserves better than this.

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