25 July 2006

Death in the workplace not an industrial accident?

Today I heard ABC Radio News report the death of a man working at the Adelaide Brighton Cement works at Birkenhead, near Port Adelaide. Unfortunately the ABC news website did not report it. Adelaide Now , the new name for The Advertiser's revamped website, mentions it briefly, describing it as "an industrial accident" with "no suspicious circumstances".

The fullest description online comes from Indaily TheIndependent Weekly's daily email news service. The headline "Contractor crushed to death by truck at cement plant" is a succinct summary which is fleshed out by a report including the chilling statement that "Police will prepare a report for the state coroner because the death was not deemed an industrial accident".

If this was not an industrial accident, then what was it? Surely anyone who is killed or injured on a worksite while undertaking work connected with the workplace should be counted in the statistics of industrial accidents. If the law says otherwise then, at least in this situation, the law is an ass. I offer my condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.


Anonymous said...

Having recently suffered an injury due to an accident at work I am considering my options, due to the injury I have been unable to work and have not been receiving sick pay, does my boss have an option to pay me or is it dependent on circumstance? I can’t afford not to have money coming in but can’t work should I sue him or do I need a legal professional to speak to him for me? I have seen all those adverts on television about industrial accidents and people for silly amounts of money, am I entitled to a claim, I don’t want to post personal details but I was working away and fell off something because the support wasn’t secure and broke and I have injured myself!

Peter said...

Well I have to say this is one of the more 'unique' industrial accidents that I've seen. I wonder how much compensation they would have had to pay out.