29 July 2006

Tram extension to run ring around inner city

Adelaide Now (the revamped Advertiser/ Sunday Mail website) has a photo of Ministers Conlon (Transport) and Lomax-Smith (Tourism, City of Adelaide et al) announcing the extension of the Adelaide- Glenelg tram line to an as yet undetermined ring route (a couple of options are outlined) around the inner city.

Not surprisingly, and not without some justification , Minister C has come out fighting and attacked "small-thinking " critics of the proposal, which is estimated to cost $31 million. The small thinkers aside, the Minister's problems with his handling of the Transport portfolio have been further exacerbated by a dispute over the purchase of two 15 year old buses from Brisbane. As the effective life of a bus in Adelaide is deemed to be 25 years by this standard there's some service left in these acquisitions, but I wonder how good the oversight of our public transport system is if we have to rely on non-airconditioned, non-wheelchair accessible hand me downs. How many 25 year old cars are still running on our roads?

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