30 March 2007

UK talks the talk with Iran, but what about walking the walk?

The current stand off, if that's the most appropriate term for it, between the UK and Iran over the latter's detention and "interrogation" of 15 British sailors for allegedly venturing into Iranian territory has, as spiked points out "shown up Britain's impotence on the world stage".

I hope that Leading Seaman (sic) and mother Turney, who has appeared on Iranian TV wearing a headscarf and smoking, not to mention looking very distressed , will soon, preferably with her shipmates, be extricated from the terrible mess they've got into. I also hope, even though this is a much bigger ask, that the much more convoluted mess (or messes) in the region might be sorted out in the not too distant future. That, I know, is most unlikely to happen given the entrenched positions of all the governments involved.

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