20 August 2010

Election Eve

Since I last posted I've not changed my mind about the result, which, taking my lead from the many published polls and proliferation of expert and other (set the boundaries if you wish) opinion, is that the Government will be returned, probably narrowly.

That said the coalition has held fairly firm and Mr Abbott has come across as a better leader and more plausible PM than I expected.

If the polls are to be believed support for Ms Gillard as PM has abated a little, as appears to have displeasure at the underhand means by which she took office. Kevin Rudd may have slid down the slope of ineptitude during his term of office but nobody in the ALP has plausibly denied that both the current PM and her deputy were significant parts of the problems. Whether the refashioned Labor, minus Lindsay Tanner and with Kevin Rudd awaiting his mistress' pleasure it will be interesting to see how many other ructions follow whatever happens tomorrow.

I've not yet finally decided which way I'll vote but you may get some indication of the drift f my thinking from the foregoing.

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