08 July 2009

Watch another space

Today the 2009 Ashes series begins and most of my blogging energies will for the next few weeks be devoted unashamedly to Nudges and Deflections. Will try to post here occasionally but no promises (or apologies for the focus on cricket).

PS Wednesday 0945:

As soon as I've posted the above I came across Paul Colgan's 10 reasons to love the Poms in The Punch.

His 10

1. The English language

2. English comedy

3. The least worst brand of colonialism

4. Good manners

5. The Beatles

6. Great journalism

7. The Premiership (EPL)

8. Parliamentary democracy

9. Literature

10. English sport, including cricket .

I'd agree with most of them, especially 1,2,3, 6, 8 and 9. .

I'm not sure that no 10 still applies modern cricket is very much an international rather than a national thing.

Good manners,
eg queueing, may no longer be as noticeable as they once were: perhaps the modern iteration is the ability to lose more or less gracefully (after a day or so of tabloid fury).

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