05 March 2009

Death with dignity

The ABC has recently broadcast a couple of interesting programs about dying with dignity.

Last week's Counterpoint on RN featured a discussion about the Oregon Death with Dignity Act, which permits physicians to write a prescription for qualified terminally ill patients.

The transcript, which IMO is worth reading, is available here .

Tonight I watched (for the first time) ABC2's repeat of its Fora (listed as "Flora" at p31 of today's Australian TV guide) IQ2 debate about euthanasia. Alas no transcript is available though the program website gives you an idea of the range of opinion as well as listing other times in the coming weeks when it will be shown again.

I was on the side of the pro-euthanasia supporters: Bob Brown, Phillip Nitschke (difficult to recognise in a suit) and Professor Peter Baume. Their adversaries were Dr Mara Cigolini (a palliative care medicine specialist), Tony Abbott and Father Frank Brennan SJ.

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