10 March 2008

University expertise used to help identify unknown sailor

Since my recent post about the search for HMAS Sydney, which was scheduled to begin off the WA coast a few days ago, I've heard nothing.

On Friday ABC TV (aka ABC1)'s Stateline SA edition reported that more advanced techniques are now being used to try to identify the unknown sailor (generally assumed to be from the Sydney) whose remains had been discovered on Christmas Island a couple of years ago. The original shortlist of three has not produced a result, so a further 13 names on the list of 118 possibles will now be investigated at Adelaide University's Ancient DNA lab. If no identification can be made then it isn't clear whether the quest will be continued.

All this comes at a time when the wreck of HMS Hunter, a Royal Navy destroyer lost in Norwegian waters in 1940, has been discovered, but not disturbed. The BBC and Norway Post websites have more details.

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