29 August 2007

The changing face of Australia

On last night's 7.30 Report , Hugh Mackay, the veteran (by his own admission) social researcher was interviewed by Kerry O'Brien. The transcript, with links to an extended version, is here.

Mackay 's body and opinions have aged gracefully: "mellowed" isn't quite the right word, because while he admits to being optimistic about the future of our society he hasn't adopted a Panglossian view. Food for thought, especially for those who, like him and me, have seen many changes in our journey through life.

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Miss Eagle said...

Thank you for this post, cass. I didn't see the 7.30 report interview but I heard HM interviewed on RB's Breakfast. The 7.30 Report interview seems to be more considered. For instance, Hugh said how - for the last 15 years - he hasn't liked what he has heard in those discussions on which he eavesdrops. I identified with this because except for a handful of people - of which you are one - I frequently feel like I'm on a planet with a population of one, although rustling sometimes can be heard in the grass. The RN interview did end on a more optimistic note about how he believed that Australians were re-engaging once again. Perhaps Fran's interview was the introduction, and Kerry's the continuation! Hugh is always interesting. I went to hear him speak in Sydney about six years ago when I lived there. Hugh is the best taker of questions from the audience that I have ever heard. He took a three parter which he answered extensively. However, usually speakers take the last part first and by the time they get to the first part they have forgotten it. But not Hugh, he didn't forget and was able to give full, articulate answers to each part of the three parter. I think we are in a great debt to Hugh. I think he holds a better mirror to our Australian selves than any opinion poll.