15 August 2006

'Tiser keeps abreast of the times

There's an identity crisis in the Adelaide media, or at least that large chunk of it owned by News Ltd. The Advertiser has recently revamped and renamed its website Adelaidenow (no space between words). This is the only website of the News metropolitan dailies which has changed its name from that of the parent paper. Notwithstanding this, Adelaidenow is offering a free subscription to the (online only) " Advertiser PM Edition" (or "edtition" as the home page describes it ).

Adelaidenow or Advertiser? Is this a marketing exercise designed to gauge the interest in a separate online infotainment daily (which, as Adelaidenow does, can draw its stories from all over the News empire) or is it evidence of in house divisions in the city where Mr Murdoch began his rise to global ascendancy?

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