12 June 2006

"An act of asymmetric warfare waged against us"?

This was part of a statement made by the CO of the Guantanamo camp about the reported suicide of three detainees, one of whom, according to the BBC was about to be freed.

The deaths themselves have provoked considerable comment from the media in the Arab and South Asian, including from those in countries which are often thought to be reasonably understanding of other US actions. For a sample collected by the BBC see here.

The Australian reports that the EU is also growing more vocal in its demands that Guantanamo should be closed.

As for David Hicks, his military lawyer Major Mori and the Australian Government have very different views of his current state:

"Whitewash claim on Hicks' condition" is The Australian's headline.

"I have been told that he received a consular visit ... and the report from that consular visit was positive," Mr Howard said today.
A spokeswoman for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade told AAP Australia's consul-general in Washington had visited Hicks and "confirmed that he was fit and well".

On the other hand

Hicks's military lawyer, Major Michael Mori, told ABC radio after the same visit that Hicks was in poor health, showing weight loss and continuing signs of depression."He'd lost a lot of weight. I think the weight loss is part of his loss of appetite, just coming on from his ... depression manifesting itself in that way," Major Mori said.

For the complete story see here

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